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Rose Tattoos – Passion and Purity

Flower tattoos are mostly favored by women, they are like clothes accessories except that you can wear your tattoo to bed. It’s like having a piece of art with you all the time. I find women with tattoos more appealing, sexier, more feminine and more powerful. I had a teacher who had a flower tattoo near her ankle, and believe it or not, that alone was enough to discipline the students.
Flower Tattoo Designs is an art used to express ones individual personality. This art work is done by inserting ink into the layers of skin via needles to change pigment for decorative and religious reasons.Flower Tattoo Designs artists have come up with wide varieties of Flower Tattoo Designs. Flower Tattoo Designs are not only attractive but they also symbolize the inner meaning. Flower Tattoo Designs are most favored by women. Flower tattoo designs indicate beauty and youth. Flower Tattoo Designs come in different shape, size and colors. Depending on the body part where tattoo is done, people can choose their favorite Flower Tattoo Designs.
Among Flower Tattoo Designs, Rose is preferred by most of the women. Rose is believed to represent both inner and outer beauty.Flower Tattoo Designs is also associated with love. A Flower Tattoo Designs with a thorn indicates that love is very delicate and should be handled very carefully or else it may be very painful. Different colors of the roses are linked to different meanings. Red rose implies true love and passion; pink rose is an indication of elegance and gentleness; yellow rose depicts friendship and black rose tattoo indicates death of the love relationship and sorrow.

Flower Tattoo Designs attracts people’s attention due to its bright vibrant yellow color. Sunflower always positions itself to face the sun. This symbolizes worship. A big Flower Tattoo Designs is a symbol of loyalty and a Flower Tattoo Designs implies adoration.

According some religion, the shape of the lily flower represents erotic love and reproduction. The calla lily is a symbol of beauty, the orange lily denotes hatred and the tiger lily is a symbol of pride and power. Lily’s long white petals symbolize purity.
Even more popular than Rose tattoos are Lotus tattoos in the east. Lotus has always been very popular in the east as a sign of spirituality. In Indian and Chinese culture, several of the Gods are depicted on Lotus flowers. Even Buddha is dedicated to have emerged from the lotus bud. Lotus flowers also have a very feminine beauty and can look really good on the curvy women body.
Several other parts of the world have their own Popular floral tattoos for example hibiscus is really Popular in Hawaii. All Hawaiian garlands are made from hibiscus flowers. Hawaiian women general even adorn these flowers in their hair. Japanese and Chinese have their own floral designs as well.
Delicate and intricate Flower Tattoo designs enhance the beauty a woman and her femininity. "Flowers" are associated with color, pleasant scents, and special sentiments. Flower tattoos are timeless, usually detailed and colorful with all the petals, leafs and tendrils carefully crafted. However, all that doesn’t matter if your tattoo is not also a personal statement that will describe you forever.

The "Lotus tattoo" is a tricky one. In Eastern cultures lotus has a meaning close to the one we have for rose. So, you can see lotus tattoos in Japan done the ancient traditional way. Those tattoos mean peace and enlightenment, as the lotus is an important symbol in buddhism. But in western countries, the lotus symbolizes emptiness, estranged love..
Rose tattoos are probably the most Popular flower because roses are thought to be kings‚ Äô flowers. This flower always symbolized love, passion and beauty. But at the same time roses have sharp thorns, so they are beautiful but far from being helpless. That‚Äôs why rose tattoos also have ambiguous meaning. They always emphasize women‚Äôs beauty and style but at the same time power. Red roses are often associated with passion and even sometimes with blood. In earlier times roses were used on many heraldic and were noble flowers.

In Japan rose is associated with tenderness and pride. In Egypt roses were sacred, because they were used in Isis mysteries. Here they symbolized love and passion. In ancient Greece roses were also used in rituals. On the whole, roses have deep symbolic meaning in all cultures, maybe that’s why rose tattoo designs are so popular allover the world. But the color of rose in the tattoo design is especially important. Red roses are the most popular. They symbolize desire and passion. Such tattoos also emphasize completeness and are mostly used by women. Pink and gold roses are more popular among young girls. Pink is associated with love, youth and romantic.
Popular places for Flower women tattoos is Shoulders tattoo, lower leg tattoo, ankle tattoo and feet tattoo, so too with rose tattoos designs. Women celebrities have been drawn to the rose tattoos, from a single large rose tattoo on a shoulder to a bouquet of roses tattoo on an ankle. One has a stemmed rose tattoo on her ankle while another has a heart and a rose tattoo on her lower leg, obviously an expression of love. Some people like to be different one supermodel has a tattoo of a rose and skull on her upper arm. Others like to be daring, with a women rose tattoo on a breast.
While choosing your Flower tattoos on back designs, you will have to do some research. We have just seen that these "Flower tattoos" have different meanings attached to it. According to your personality you can choose these designs to denote your personality traits. good luck^^. sponsored links

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